BitLife: How to Become a Famous Actor

Follow these steps to become a famous actor and star in BitLife:

Step 1: Find the Voice Over Actor Job

To become an actor in BitLife, start by navigating to the jobs list and search for the Voice Over Actor position. Apply for the Voice Over Actor job, and if rejected, try again until you get hired.

BitLife: Jobs Screen
BitLife: Jobs Screen

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Step 2: Increase Work Hours and Get Promotions

Once hired, go to the jobs tab and increase your work hours to 50. For Android users, make sure to work hard every year to get promoted within two years. Supervisors appreciate the extra hours put in, which leads to promotions.

Step 3: Reach the Lead Actor Role

After working as a Voice Over Actor for a couple of years, you will receive raises and eventually get promoted to an Actor position. Keep working and gaining promotions until you reach the Lead Actor role.

Step 4: Achieve Fame and Enjoy the Perks

As a Lead Actor, continue aging in the game and receive more raises. At a certain point, you’ll receive a notification that you’re famous and get a substantial salary increase.

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With fame achieved, you can now participate in activities exclusive to famous individuals, such as starring in commercials.


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