BitLife: How to Complete the Lucrative Lexicon Challenge

Welcome to the Lucrative Lexicon Challenge from BitLife! In this challenge, your main goal is to become a best-selling author. To achieve this, you can attend a school for English, although it’s not necessary. It does, however, increase your chances of success.

Gaining Fame and Going Viral

To complete the challenge, you’ll need to get a viral Facebook post. To do so, you should first establish a social media presence. Sign up for multiple platforms and start posting regularly. Once you’re famous, it’s easier to go viral, so focus on increasing your fame by working hard and engaging with your followers.

BitLife: Social Media Post
BitLife: Social Media Post

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Becoming a Best-selling Author

Once you’ve gained fame, you’ll have a better chance of publishing a best-selling book. You’ll need to find a publisher willing to take on your book, which might require some persistence. It’s important to note that publishing a book will cost a fair amount of money, so be prepared for that expense.

BitLife: Publish Book
BitLife: Publish Book

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Keep working hard and check in with your fame regularly to find a publisher willing to work with you. Publish your book, and if it becomes a best-seller, you’ll have completed the challenge. Remember, you’ll need to write two best-selling books in different genres to succeed.

Wrapping Up the Challenge

In summary, to complete the Lucrative Lexicon Challenge in BitLife, you’ll need to gain fame, go viral on Facebook, and publish two best-selling books in different genres. Stay persistent, and you’ll eventually achieve your goal.

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