Best Cream Unicorn Cookie Toppings Guide

Cream Unicorn Cookie is one of the newest cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom, and it’s quickly becoming a fan favorite. This cookie’s overall skill is one of the most useful in the game.

The Cream Unicorn reduces the crit damage received by the team and charges toward the enemies, silencing them. While silenced, the enemy’s skill cooldown will be paused. The CreamUnicorn will leave dancing butterflies behind itself, which will fly toward the allies and heal them.

Cream Unicorn’s skill also provides clutch healing that can decide who wins the battle in the overall arena. Additionally, utilizing the skill will allow the player to transform into a unicorn and traverse the battle, making them untargetable for a short duration.

The cookie also has an auto-attack that heals itself and the ally with the lowest HP. Lastly, the cookie’s silence mechanic interrupts the opponent’s timings with their skills.

Cream Unicorn Toppings
Cream Unicorn Toppings

When it comes to the best toppings for Cream Unicorn Cookie, players can build three different sets. The set chosen will depend on what content the player is running and what their account can build. The three different builds include a complete swift chocolate set, a full solid almond set, and a mix between two solid almonds and three swift chocolates.

The complete swift chocolate set is ideal for PvE content, such as world exploration, Cookie Alliance, and other similar activities. With this set, players should aim to balance between damage resistance and cooldown.

This way, the cookie can stay alive by having some sort of damage resistance while also being able to utilize their skill as often as possible by stacking up a high amount of cooldown.

For PvP or Kingdom Arena, there are two additional sets to consider. The entire solid almond set provides damage resistance. Players should stack up as much damage resistance as possible via the sub-stats.

Print resistance is also excellent for the overall Kingdom Arena. The cookie should also have a good amount of cooldown to ensure they can utilize their skill as often as possible.

Lastly, the mixed solid almond and swift chocolates set is ideal for those who want to stack up as much damage resistance as possible while also getting more cooldown to utilize the skill more often.

Players should aim for high damage resistance, preferably 38% or more. The toppings available may limit the amount of damage resistance players can achieve. In this case, players should try to balance between damage resistance and cooldown.

Cream Unicorn Cookie is an excellent choice for PvE content, especially the Cookie Alliance. This cookie can quickly bring players up to wave 55 solo without swapping to another team.

It’s also worth noting that Cream Unicorn Cookie is great for PvP and Cookie Run Kingdom’s Kingdom Arena. However, when it comes to world exploration and other similar activities, better options may be available. Players should keep this in mind when selecting their team for specific activities.


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