Cookie Run Kingdom: How to Beat Level 14-10

The easiest way to beat stage 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom is by using Affogato Cookie. This guide will show you how to achieve victory without the need for crazy cookies.

CURSE the Yeti! How to Beat 14-10! (Guide) | Cookie Run Kingdom

Avoid Injury

First, try to take as little injury as possible, as this will significantly affect your tanks’ HP. Stay away from cookies that cause injury to your cookies.

The Yeti’s Rage Mode

When the Yeti comes out, pay attention to the bar below it. This bar indicates when the Yeti is going to enter its rage mode. The Yeti’s rage mode depends on how much damage it takes.

The Yeti
The Yeti

Resetting the Rage Mode Bar

The goal is to reset the Yeti’s rage mode bar just before it reaches full. To do this, use Affogato Cookie‘s skill. If done correctly, this will prevent the Yeti from getting its buff, forcing it to recharge the entire rage mode bar again.

You don’t need a maxed out Affogato Cookie or even a level 60 Affogato for this strategy to work. Just make sure Affogato Cookie survives until the end and that his skill is used on the Yeti. As long as you can keep the Yeti debuffed with Affogato’s skill, it won’t be able to use its rage mode.

Alternate Builds

If you’ve tried other builds that work well for beating stage 14-10, please share them! But for now, using Affogato Cookie is one of the best and easiest ways to beat this stage without having a maxed out cookie.

Other cookies like Dark Cacao, Caramel Arrow Cotton, and Cream Puff can be replaced, but Avogado is essential for this strategy.


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