My Singing Monsters: How to Breed Thumpies

Thumpies are air, plant, and snow monster that can be bred in My Singing Monsters. To breed a Thumpie, you will need a Pango and a Potbelly, both at level 4.

How to Breed Thumpies

Going to the Monster Shop will show you what Thumpies are and their attributes. Once you have the required monsters at level 4, breed them by going to Clutter for Pango and Tubby for Potbelly. If done correctly, it will take 12 hours to breed a Thumpie.

It is essential to note that both monsters need to be at level 4 to breed Thumpies. If you are unsure about the process, read the description in the Monster Shop for more information.


Breeding Thumpies in My Singing Monsters is a straightforward process that requires a Pango and Potbelly at level 4. Both monsters can be obtained through regular gameplay. You can get a Thumpie in 12 hours by following the breeding process correctly.


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