Best Pastry Cookie Toppings Guide

This article will explore different toppings for Pastry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom and their impact on gameplay.


Searing Raspberry

At level 40, Searing Raspberry showed the highest damage output, followed by Bouncy Caramel. Surprisingly, Swift Chocolate didn’t perform well and resulted in low damage. searing raspberry proved to be the most effective topping, with a damage output of 761,428. Its raw stat increase significantly boosted Pastry Cookie’s performance, making it a top choice for maximizing damage.

Bouncy Caramel

Bouncy Caramel increased attack speed, but its impact wasn’t as significant as expected. While it did improve damage output to some extent, it fell short compared to Searing Raspberry, reaching only 695,574 damage.

Swift Chocolate

Swift Chocolate didn’t fare well as a topping choice for Pastry Cookie. Although it increases attack speed and damage, it failed to outperform the other toppings. The cooldown mechanism didn’t synchronize well with Pastry Cookie’s buff, resulting in minimal impact.

Considerations for Topping Selection

When choosing toppings for Pastry Cookie, focusing on maximizing damage output is essential. Based on some tests, Searing Raspberry stands out as the most effective topping, providing a substantial boost in raw stats.

While Bouncy Caramel slightly improves attack speed, it doesn’t match the damage potential of Searing Raspberry. Swift Chocolate’s cooldown mechanism doesn’t align with Pastry Cookie’s buff, making it an ineffective choice.

Pastry Cookie
Pastry Cookie

Alternative Topping

An alternative topping worth considering is Sweet Candy. Its amplifying buff can potentially enhance Pastry Cookie’s damage, attack speed, and ricochet damage. Although I haven’t tested it extensively, it may be a viable option for further exploration.

Optimal Team Composition

Pastry Cookie’s normal attack targets up to five enemies, making her ideal for clearing mobs during PvE. Paired with Latte, a four-star unit, and Macaron Jelly Watch, Pastry Cookie’s damage output can be further enhanced. Latte’s additional damage resistance debuff synergizes well with Pastry Cookie’s attack.

Based on these tests, Searing Raspberry proved to be the most effective topping for Pastry Cookie, significantly boosting damage output. Bouncy Caramel and Swift Chocolate fell short in terms of performance.

However, the Sweet Candy topping shows potential and warrants further investigation. When forming a team, consider pairing Pastry Cookie with Latte and utilizing Macaron Jelly Watch for optimal damage output.


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