Best Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings Guide

Pure Vanilla Cookie is an ancient cookie released in April. It is considered one of the best healers in the Cookie Run Kingdom. He has a 90-second cooldown, one second longer than Halle Berry Cookie.

At zero percent, he has a six-second start and a normal cooldown of 14.2 seconds with the max del jelly watch. At a 3.6 percent cooldown, he has a five-second start and a 13.6-second cooldown.

Pure Vanilla Cookie
Pure Vanilla Cookie

For the toppings, Pure Vanilla Cookie has several different options. Still, it is recommended to go with three swift chocolate and two solid almond or five solid almond. These toppings will help him survive and cast his skill more often. It is also essential to focus on two main subsets: damage resist and cooldown.

Pure Vanilla Cookie’s skill heals 189.4 percent of his attack to every cookie and shields them for 20 of their max HP for three seconds. He is currently being used a lot more inside of the arena right now because of Eclair as well as some of the other slots are open for good massive healing.

Pure Vanilla Cookie can be used for any of the boss battles and any of the other PVE story modes we do have going on.

If you have Pure Vanilla Cookie, it is highly recommended to invest in him. He is a constant presence in both PVE and PVP game modes and can be used for the lower-level dragon and inside the guild boss battle. With the right toppings and subsets, Pure Vanilla Cookie can become an indispensable ally in your Cookie Run Kingdom journey.


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