Best Red Velvet Cookie Toppings Guide

Red Velvet Cookie is making waves in the Cookie Run Kingdom, and players are eager to optimize their toppings for this new addition. In this article, we’ll explore the different topping options available for Red Velvet Cookie and how they can enhance its performance.

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each topping, you can make informed decisions and maximize your gameplay.


Before delving into the toppings, let’s examine the base stats of Red Velvet Cookie and compare them to Dart Choco. Red Velvet Cookie surpasses Dart Choco in terms of HP, attack, and defence at two stars and without toppings.

Despite its lower star rating, with almost 7,000 more HP and a significant advantage in attack and defence, Red Velvet Cookie proves to be a formidable contender.

Red Velvet’s Skills and Potential

Red Velvet Cookie possesses a skill cooldown of 20 seconds, which can be reduced to 15 seconds with the help of a maxed-out Jelly Watch. Its primary skill deals impressive damage, reaching up to 100,000 with a critical hit.

Red Velvet’s skill also carries a five-second stun effect, making it a powerful crowd-control tool. These qualities make Red Velvet Cookie a force to be reckoned with in battles.

Red Velvet Toppings
Red Velvet Toppings

The Impact of Toppings: Swift Chocolate Set

Let’s explore how different toppings affect Red Velvet Cookie’s performance. The Swift Chocolate set, when equipped, reduces Red Velvet’s cooldown to 12 seconds, making it more versatile and faster in executing its skills. With this set, Red Velvet Cookie becomes a reliable damage dealer. It can clear stages efficiently when combined with other cookies like Latte and Pastry.

The Influence of Toppings: Searing Raspberry Set

Alternatively, the Searing Raspberry set offers an exciting option. While it doesn’t decrease the cooldown as significantly as the Swift Chocolate set, it provides Red Velvet Cookie with additional damage output. With this set, Red Velvet Cookie can deal around 57,000 damage without a critical hit, showcasing its potential to excel as a damage-focused cookie.

Toppings and Team Composition

It’s worth noting that the choice of toppings should be tailored to your desired team composition and playstyle. Red Velvet Cookie’s ability to stun enemies for five seconds makes it an excellent addition to a team.

Still, it may also attract damage due to its positioning effect. Considering this, pairing Red Velvet with tanks like Strawberry Crepe or Licorice can help mitigate damage and improve survivability.

The Solid Almond Topping: Is It Necessary?

Although the Solid Almond topping is an option, it might not be essential for Red Velvet Cookie. Its base stats are already impressive, and the cookie performs well without it.

However, if you intend to use Red Velvet Cookie as the primary tank, replacing Strawberry Crepe with Licorice and equipping the Solid Almond topping can enhance its tanking capabilities and overall durability.

Red Velvet Cookie is a formidable addition to Cookie Run Kingdom, showcasing impressive stats and powerful skills. Understanding the impact of different toppings is crucial in optimizing their performance. The Swift Chocolate set reduces cooldown, allowing for more frequent skill usage, while the Searing Raspberry set amplifies damage output.

Consider your team composition and playstyle to determine which toppings best suit your strategy. With the right choices, Red Velvet Cookie can become a force to be reckoned with in battles and help you conquer the kingdom.


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