Call of Duty Mobile: Best Assault Rifles, Ranked

Here are the best assault rifles in Call of Duty Mobile:

M13: Fastest Fire Rate Assault Rifle


Starting off with the M13, it has the fastest fire rate among ARs at 880 RPM. It has a 271-millisecond, 5-shot time to kill up to 22 meters without a range boost and up to 26 meters with the right build.

The M13 is a great choice for beginners due to its fast firing, easy-to-manage recoil, and quick time to kill. It’s a versatile weapon and the easiest gun to use on this list. Recommended builds for the M13 can be found in the video.

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Peacekeeper MK2: Still Viable Despite Nerf

Peacekeeper MK2
Peacekeeper MK2

The Peacekeeper MK2 was once a popular weapon of choice, but after a significant nerf, it lost its position as the number one AR in the game. However, the Peacekeeper MK2 is still a viable weapon in Season 10 with a time to kill of 251 milliseconds up to 20 meters.

It has fast ADS, shifting speed, quick reload speed, easy-to-control recoil, and little to no hit flinch. The best build for the Peacekeeper MK2 is still available, thanks to the new Wildfire perk.

M16 with Wildfire Perk: Dominant in Mid to Long Range


The M16 can now be turned into a full-auto weapon with the Wildfire perk, featuring a massive 4-shot kill range up to 14 meters, easy-to-control recoil, and good BSA. With a time to kill of 291 milliseconds and a slow fire rate of 620 RPM, the M16 can dominate mid to long-range gunfights.

Despite its bad iron sights and slight aim shake, the M16 is suitable for passive playstyles. The recommended M16 build with the Wildfire perk is provided in the video.

KILO 141: Reliable Weapon for Holding Angles

KILO 141
KILO 141

The Kilo 141 has few downsides, with decent iron sights, no recoil, good BSA, and a large magazine size. It has a 264-millisecond time to kill up to 33 meters with the right build and aim. The Kilo 141 also has an added 10 hit flinch with the no-stock attachment.

The Kilo 141 is a reliable weapon for holding down angles and anchoring spawn points. Try out the builds shown in the video to get the best performance from this gun.

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Krig 6: Versatile and Powerful Assault Rifle

Krig 6
Krig 6

The Krig 6 is the best assault rifle this season, featuring a large magazine size, no hit flinch, and a very fast time to kill due to its consistent body multiplier. It has similar mobility to the Kilo 141, but what sets it apart is its versatility.

With a 3-shot potential up to 13 meters and the ability to compete in CQC, the Krig 6 can hold its own against other weapons. Despite its noticeable aim shake, bad iron sights, and harder-to-master recoil pattern, the Krig 6 can reach its full potential with practice. Several Krig 6 builds are available in the video to try out for yourself.

Choosing the Right Assault Rifle for Your Playstyle

The M13 and Peacekeeper MK2 are viable for aggressive and mid-range playstyles, with the Peacekeeper MK2 performing better in close range and the M13 excelling at mid-range.

The Kilo 141 is designed for mid to long-range but performs best at mid-range.

The Krig 6 is the best overall assault rifle, capable of outgunning everything with its 3-shot potential and ability to hold down enemies in gunfights thanks to its absence of flinch. However, mastering the Krig 6 may be challenging due to its recoil and aim shake.


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