Best Devil Cookie Toppings Guide

Cookie Run Kingdom offers a variety of cookies with unique abilities and attributes, and Devil Cookie is no exception.

In this article, we will explore the best toppings build for Devil Cookie, focusing on maximizing its ATK (Attack) potential and reducing skill cooldown time.


Searing Raspberries for ATK Boost

To enhance Devil Cookie’s offensive capabilities, the most recommended topping choice is five searing raspberries. These fiery fruits provide a significant ATK boost, allowing Devil Cookie to deal more damage to enemies. The searing raspberries synergize perfectly with Devil Cookie’s playstyle, making them an essential addition to its toppings build.

Swift Chocolates for Reduced Cooldown

Another popular topping option for Devil Cookie is Swift chocolates. These delectable treats have the ability to reduce skill cooldown time, allowing Devil Cookie to unleash its powerful skills more frequently. With reduced cooldowns, Devil Cookie can maintain a relentless assault on opponents and strategic advantage on the battlefield.

Devil Cookie
Devil Cookie

Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Combining searing raspberries and Swift chocolates can yield exceptional results for those seeking a well-rounded approach. Players can enjoy the benefits of increased ATK and reduced skill cooldown by including both types of toppings in Devil Cookie’s build. This versatile combination allows Devil Cookie to excel in offense and utility, making it a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Experimenting with Other Toppings

While searing raspberries and Swift chocolates are the top choices for Devil Cookie’s toppings, it’s worth mentioning that players can experiment with alternative toppings based on personal preference and playstyle. The goal is to find the perfect balance that suits your gameplay and maximizes Devil Cookie’s potential in your hands.

Conclusion: Unleash the Devil’s Power

In conclusion, when it comes to building the perfect toppings setup for Devil Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom, searing raspberries and Swift chocolates take the spotlight. With searing raspberries, Devil Cookie’s ATK soars to new heights. At the same time, Swift chocolates ensure its skills are readily available for devastating attacks.

Whether you focus on ATK, cooldown reduction, or a combination of both, Devil Cookie’s toppings build will play a vital role in its success on the battlefield. Harness the power of Devil Cookie and dominate your enemies with this optimal toppings strategy.


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