Best Onion Cookie Toppings Guide

In the vast world of Cookie Run Kingdom, there are numerous cookies to explore and experiment with. One cookie that often goes unnoticed is Onion Cookie. Although not widely discussed, Onion Cookie possesses unique abilities that make her a fascinating character worth further exploration.


Understanding Onion Cookie’s Abilities

Onion Cookie’s central ability revolves around her skill, “Frozen in Fear.” Unlike regular attacks, Onion Cookie’s attack damage does not matter until her skill is activated.

The skill, “Deafening Cry,” deals extensive area damage and lowers the enemy’s attack power. The damage inflicted by the skill increases with the fear level, ranging from 111% on one stack to a whopping 1110% on ten stacks.

One might assume that reducing the skill cooldown time would be the best approach to ensure the skill activates as soon as possible. However, the optimal strategy for Onion Cookie is more complex and intriguing.

Attack speed is the key to maximizing Onion Cookie’s potential. It directly affects how quickly the fear stacks and the skill cooldown decrease. The animation speed of the fear stacks building up is driven explicitly by attack speed.

Onion Cookie's Abilities
Onion Cookie’s Abilities

Bouncy Caramel toppings focusing on attack speed could be the ideal choice. The faster the attack speed, the more efficiently the fear stacks build up, leading to more significant damage output. However, there is also the possibility of solid almonds focusing on attack speed.

Further testing and experimentation are required to determine the optimal toppings for maximizing Onion Cookie’s potential.

Unleashing the Full Potential

To truly unlock Onion Cookie’s full potential, she must be at maximum level and skill.  At level 49, with an attack percentage of 110, the cookie’s full capabilities have not been fully realized. Thus, reaching level 60 and upgrading the skill will be crucial to unveil Onion Cookie’s full power.

Focusing on scroll defence and attack speed, Onion Cookie can quickly reach maximum fear stacks and deal devastating damage. The remedy treasure is also utilized to provide healing and a boost to attack.

Despite not being fully levelled up or having high damage resistance, Onion Cookie impressively handles an entire stage alone, dealing over 1.3 million damage and eliminating waves of enemies.

Fine-tuning the Toppings Build

Balancing attack speed, damage resistance, and skill cooldown will be crucial for achieving the desired build that allows Onion Cookie to unleash powerful fear shrieks and survive in player vs. player scenarios.

In conclusion, Onion Cookie is an underrated cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom with a unique playstyle and skillset. Players can unleash Onion Cookie’s true potential by understanding the intricacies of her abilities, focusing on attack speed, and experimenting with different toppings.

While she may require further investment and fine-tuning, the satisfaction of witnessing her devastating fear-based attacks makes Onion Cookie a fascinating and rewarding character to explore.


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