How to Get Feathers in Battle Cats

Feathers are valuable resources in Battle Cats that can be used to enhance and upgrade your cat units. These feathers significantly boost your cats’ stats, making them even more formidable on the battlefield. Suppose you’re wondering how to acquire feathers in Battle Cats.

In that case, this article will guide you through the various methods and strategies to obtain feathers.

Here are several ways of getting feathers in Battle Cats…

Completing Special Stages

Battle Cats feature special stages that offer feathers as rewards upon completion. These stages may appear during specific events or as limited-time additions to the game. Keep an eye on the event calendar or announcements within Battle Cats to discover when these special stages become available.

Participate in these stages, overcome the challenges they present, and collect feathers as rewards.

Participating in Catnip Challenges

Catnip Challenges are special events in Battle Cats that allow players to earn various rewards, including feathers. These challenges usually involve completing specific objectives or tasks within a given time frame.

Pay attention to the Catnip Challenge section in the game, participate actively, and successfully complete the challenges to earn feathers as a reward.

Climbing the Battle Cats Rankings

Battle Cats features rankings that allow players to compete against one another and earn rewards based on their performance. You can earn feathers by participating in rankings and achieving higher ranks. Improve your Battle Cats skills, strategize your battles, and climb the rankings to secure more feathers.

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Completing Missions

Battle Cats offers various missions that provide rewards upon completion. These missions can range from defeating several enemies to completing specific stages with specific requirements. Regularly check the missions section within the game and focus on accomplishing them to receive feathers as rewards for your achievements.

Battle Cats
Battle Cats

Participating in Collaboration Events

Battle Cats occasionally collaborates with other popular franchises or games, introducing special events related to those collaborations. These collaboration events often offer feathers as rewards for participation and successful completion of event stages. Watch for these collaboration events and actively participate in securing feathers and other exclusive rewards.

Purchasing Feathers

In Battle Cats, you also have the option to purchase feathers with real money. You can explore in-game purchase options if you’re looking for a more immediate way to obtain feathers. Be mindful of your budget and ensure you’re comfortable making such purchases before proceeding.


Feathers are valuable resources in Battle Cats that allow you to enhance and upgrade your cat units. By utilizing the methods outlined in this article, you can acquire feathers by completing special stages, participating in Catnip Challenges, climbing the rankings, completing missions, participating in collaboration events, and considering in-game purchases.

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With a steady supply of feathers, you can strengthen your cat army and face battles with increased confidence. Now, gather feathers to unleash the full potential of your feline warriors in Battle Cats.


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