How to Get Starpower on My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters is a popular mobile game where players collect and breed adorable monsters who create unique songs. One of the most essential in-game currencies is star power, which players can use to buy rare monsters, decorations, and other exclusive items.

In this article, we’ll go over some tips on how to get effortless star power in My Singing Monsters.


Join or Create a Tribe

Joining or establishing a tribe is the quickest method to get star power. The more tribal members you have, the more star power you may gain.

You may either search for random tribes or join your friend’s tribe to join. You may also try to join the elite tribes, but it will be difficult. Making your own tribe is also a possibility, but you must have at least six people join your tribe to receive the benefit.

MSM: Tribal Island
MSM: Tribal Island

Feed Your Monsters

Feeding your monsters is essential to earn star power. The more you feed them, the more star power you can earn. Star power is a unique byproduct of your monster’s contraptions on a tribal island.

Your earned star power can be redeemed at the star shop, available on the market, natural fire, and magical islands. Make sure to check out the monster’s menu to see how much you need to feed them to get star power.

Level Up

Another way to gain star power is to level up your monsters. At the conclusion of the week, you gain star power every week. The quantity of star power you receive is determined by how much you feed your monsters and the size of your tribe.

The more star power you gain each week, the higher the level of your monsters. So, make sure you level up your monsters in order to gain more star power.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the most excellent method to acquire star power in My Singing Monsters is to join or form a tribe, feed your monsters, and level them up.

You can earn a lot of star power this way, which you can use to buy rare monsters, decorations, and other unique stuff from the star store.


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