Best Purple Yam Cookie Toppings Guide

Purple Yam, a popular character in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK), has various topping setups that can enhance his performance. This article will explore three recommended topping combinations for Purple Yam based on his skills and magic candy.


1. Searing Raspberry Toppings

Purple Yam’s base skill deals a single hit damage of 99.8 percent. However, considering his tornado-like attacks, he hits multiple times, increasing his effective damage. By equipping Searing Raspberry attack toppings, you can significantly increase his base attack of 40,000 to nearly 60,000, depending on your stats.

Purple Yam’s high defense and health stats make him resilient, allowing you to focus more on attack rather than damage resistance.

2. Healthy Peanut Toppings

Purple Yam’s magic candy, Berserker’s Spirit, provides a unique healing ability. It restores 15 percent of his maximum HP every 0.5 seconds for three seconds, resulting in a total HP restoration of 90 percent.

You can amplify his survivability with sufficient damage resistance and high HP toppings. For instance, with approximately 65 HP toppings, Purple Yam’s HP can exceed 500,000. This combination synergizes well with the healing effect of Berserker’s Spirit.

3. Solid Almond Toppings

The third recommended topping set for Purple Yam is the solid almonds. With a complete damage resistance build, high HP, and natural defense, Purple Yam becomes a formidable force on the battlefield.

This setup allows him to continually attack the enemy while enduring frontal damage. Suppose you have reliable healers and support units. In that case, this topping combination ensures Purple Yam’s longevity and helps protect the DPS units behind him.

These three topping combinations cater to different playstyles and team compositions. The Searing attack toppings can maximize damage output if you have excellent healers or support units.

On the other hand, if you prefer a high HP monster that can sustain heavy damage, the healthy peanut toppings are ideal. Lastly, the solid almond toppings are suitable when you want Purple Yam to be a front-line shredder while providing protection to the team.


In summary, these three topping setups are recommended for optimizing Purple Yam’s performance in the Cookie Run Kingdom. While there may be other potential toppings like the candy for amplify buff or attack speed toppings, these three combinations offer a solid foundation for his effectiveness.

Experiment with different sub-stats and toppings to find the best setup for your needs. Remember, Purple Yam is a powerful choice in Alliance mode and the arena, making him a valuable asset in your cookie collection.


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