Best Affogato Cookie Toppings Guide

Affogato Cookie is the latest epic bomber addition to the Cookie Run Kingdom, joining other high-rarity bombers like Poison Mushroom and Sea Fairy. The Sweet Scheme skill of Affogato Cookie has a 15-second cooldown that blocks buffs for 10 seconds and amplifies debuffs by 30 percent.

Additionally, Affogato Cookie deals poison damage every 0.6 seconds for 10 seconds, totaling 875.7 percent damage. Its poison damage is more severe than Poison Mushroom, which deals 565.8 damage to every enemy hit. Still, Affogato Cookie’s poison damage is strictly single-target, with additional damage to surrounding cookies.

Affogato Cookie
Affogato Cookie

It must be promoted to a five-star level to fully maximize Affogato Cookie. Its level needs to be increased to 60, which allows the use of bomber skill powders. At this level, the power of Affogato Cookie reaches 140,077, HP at 1,0006, attack at 40,037, and defense at 38,684. The critical percentage of Affogato Cookie is at an average of 13 percent.

To optimize Affogato Cookie, it is recommended to use toppings that increase cooldown, damage resistance, and attack. A good option is a combination of three singing raspberry toppings and two swift chocolate toppings, which help increase Affogato Cookie’s damage output.

This topping build offers a hybrid of cooldown, damage resistance, and attack, essential for Affogato Cookie to inflict constant damage.

In testing the performance of Affogato Cookie, it showed an impressive damage output during story mode battles. At level 60 and fully maxed, Affogato Cookie deals 56,000 to 54,000 auto attack damage in 10-30 episode battles.

Affogato Cookie’s substance includes 24.5 percent damage resistance, 36.1 percent attack, and 11.1 percent cooldown.

In conclusion, Affogato Cookie is a valuable addition to the Cookie Run Kingdom, with a powerful poison skill that does considerable damage. Its fully-maxed level boosts its performance and maximizes its skill, allowing it to deal significant damage in story-mode battles.

It is recommended to use toppings that offer a balance of cooldown, damage resistance, and attack to optimize Affogato Cookie’s performance in the game.


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