Best Cocoa Cookie Toppings Guide

The best Cocoa Cookie toppings build is 5 Switch Chocolates.

The stats with a complete swift chocolate build are as follows:

  • Power – 96,458
  • HP – 187,941
  • Attack – 17,660
  • Defense – 55,179
  • Speed – 15

Her skill, “Cocoa is Love,” has a 15-second cooldown.

When she jumps into a giant cocoa mug, she spins around, attacking enemies, restoring the HP for all allied cookies except summoned creatures, and making them immune to stunning. While she uses her skill, Cocoa Cookie becomes briefly resistant to interrupting effects.


Cocoa Cookie’s Passive Healing Ability

Cocoa Cookie’s auto attack is switched to a passive healing ability. Hence, she will not be auto-attacking and dealing damage. She will be healing three of your cookies instead.

Her auto attack heals three targeted cookies first with the lowest HP and the single-hit damage of her mug. It is important to note that in World Exploration, Cocoa Cookie will not attack; she needs to use her skill to deal any damage.

Cocoa Cookie
Cocoa Cookie

Full Swift Chocolate Build and Topping

It has a similar skill effect of 50 damage resist for over eight seconds and a 15-second cooldown. This topping is ideal for the stun immunity for the entire team that Cocoa Cookie provides.

Cocoa Cookie’s Stun Immunity

Cocoa Cookie’s stun immunity is unique. No other cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom has stun immunity. It is an excellent counter to a seafaring cookie because the seafaring cookie has a three-second stun effect. Although Madeline Cookie has a debuff immunity, specifically for stun, Cocoa Cookie’s stun immunity provides a good advantage in the game.


Cocoa Cookie is an excellent cookie to use for her stun immunity ability. With her unique skill, Cocoa is Love, she can restore the HP of all allied cookies, except summoned creatures, and make them immune to stunning. Her passive healing ability replaces her auto-attack, which targets three cookies with the lowest HP.


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