Battle Cats: How to Get Catfruit

The new Elder Cat Fruit in The Battle Cats is a limited-time stage that offers players a chance to obtain this special item. Unlike the regular Cat Fruit stages, which appear daily, the Elder Cat Fruit stage is only available on weekends.

To access the Elder Cat Fruit stage, players need to complete an introductory level. This level doesn’t provide any rewards, but it serves as a gateway to the main stages where you can obtain the Elder Cat Fruit. There are seven different levels to choose from, each with its own set of challenges.

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In these stages, players have a chance to obtain the Elder Cat Fruit, but the drop rate is relatively low, around 1%. The more common reward is the regular Cat Seed, which can be used to upgrade other cats. To evolve a cat using the Elder Cat Fruit, you need five Cat Seeds of the same type.

Battle Cats
Battle Cats

The stages vary in difficulty and feature different enemy types, such as red snakes, metal rhinos, and angelic enemies. It’s essential to strategize and build up your resources, including money and units, to tackle these stages successfully.

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One key strategy is to accumulate as much money as possible to deploy stronger units and defend your base. Additionally, you should be cautious of specific enemies, like the red quarry or the shockwave-resistant enemies, as they can pose a significant threat to your progress.

The stages may also feature zombie enemies, which can be quite annoying to deal with. However, they are usually accompanied by other enemy types, such as the Dories. Focus on eliminating the key enemies first, like the Dories, to make it easier to progress through the stage.

Each completed stage rewards players with different items, including the Elder Cat Fruit. It’s important to note that the Elder Cat Fruit is a rare drop, so players might need to repeat the stages multiple times to collect enough Cat Seeds for evolution.

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Overall, obtaining the Elder Cat Fruit in The Battle Cats requires careful planning, resource management, and strategic gameplay. By mastering the different stages and overcoming the challenges, players can obtain this valuable item and evolve their cats to their true potential.


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