Battle Cats: How to Get Flower Cat

In this Battle Cats beginner’s guide, we’ll explore a method to unlock the Flower Cat without relying on rare cat capsules or purchasing cat food. Instead, we’ll utilize an Easter Egg within the game to obtain this particular cat.

To access the Easter Egg, navigate to the storage legend menu, where you’ll find doors with cat paws. An exciting event occurs by rapidly opening and closing these doors multiple times.

Upon opening the doors repeatedly, you’ll eventually unlock the Flower Cat. This cat’s anti-black capabilities make it valuable in battles against black enemies. Upgrading the Flower Cat using XP earned from repeating stages is recommended. However, different user rank levels are required to unlock higher levels for the cat.

In addition to acquiring the Flower Cat, exploring different stages to progress in the game is essential. The weekend stages, specifically the XP, are ideal for gaining experience points.

These stages are categorized into easy, average, hard, veteran, expert, and insane difficulties. However, it’s crucial to note that the energy cost for these stages can increase as you progress.

Starting with Sweet XP Easy, it’s a suitable level for beginners due to the absence of black enemies. Deploying the Flower Cat and the UFO Cat, known for their effectiveness against black enemies, will aid in the victory. However, since the cats’ damage output against the enemy base is relatively low, patience is required to destroy it.

Flower Cat
Flower Cat

Moving on to Sweet XP Normal, the difficulty level rises, and energy consumption increases. The cat lineup must consist of more robust cats as black enemies become more challenging to defeat. Dealing with Gories and strategically timing attacks against the enemy base is essential for success. Though victory may be uncertain, persistence and strategic planning are essential.

While the XP stages are a good source of experience points, treasure grinding offers benefits. Treasures enhance your cats’ abilities and should be prioritized, especially for lower-level players. Consider participating in treasure festivals, as they increase the drop rate of treasures, reducing the need for extensive grinding.

Another stage worth exploring is the Savage Instincts stage, which provides an opportunity to acquire the Killer Cat. The Killer Cat is a black enemy and can be challenging to defeat, but it is also a drop reward in this stage.

While obtaining the Killer Cat is rare, it can be used to upgrade user rank. However, its usefulness in battles is limited. It is essentially the same as the primary cat but significantly more expensive.

In summary, this guide has highlighted the method of unlocking the Flower Cat through an Easter Egg within the game. It’s essential to focus on upgrading and utilizing the Flower Cat’s anti-black abilities. Exploring different stages, such as the XP and Savage Instincts, provides opportunities for experience points and acquiring valuable cats.

Additionally, treasure festivals are recommended for efficient treasure grinding. By following these strategies, beginners can progress and enhance their gameplay experience in Battle Cats.


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