Battle Cats: How to Get Level 30

If you’re a beginner in The Battle Cats and have just beaten Chapter 3 Moon, you may wonder what to do next. This article will give you some tips on progressing through the game smoothly.

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After beating Chapter 3 Moon, the first step is to start on Stories of Legend. These stages are relatively easy and will give you 30 Cat Food and a flag per subchapter. You’ll also get a decent amount of XP from clearing these stages.

Stories of Legend
Stories of Legend

In addition to Stories of Legend, there are weekly events like Cat Food and XP stages and monthly and new events, such as the fifth-anniversary event, which offer plenty of Cat Food rewards. Spending most of your time on these stages will allow you to accumulate resources, which will be helpful as you progress through the game.

The next step is to focus on Legends Stages instead of Into the Future, which was introduced long after Chapter 3, making it a less efficient choice. Although some players may have suitable anti-alien units to take on Into the Future, most beginners will not.

Into the Future
Into the Future

Suppose you immediately jump into Into the Future. In that case, you’re likely to get stuck on challenging stages and find yourself in a cycle of getting stuck repeatedly.

After you’ve made some progress in Stories of Legend and Legends Stages, you’ll eventually reach a point where you get stuck on a Stories of Legend stage. This is where Cat Ticket chances come in handy.

Doing Cat Ticket stages like Siege of Hippo will allow you to level up your units quickly, which will help you progress through the following few chapters, including getting to the Crazy Cats stages.

The Crazy Cats stages are a challenge for many players, but with the right strategy, they can be beaten. One tip is to level up your units before taking on these stages.

In conclusion, the most efficient way to progress through The Battle Cats stages is to focus on Stories of Legend, Legends Stages, and weekly events like Cat Food and XP stages. By doing so, you’ll accumulate resources and level up your units, allowing you to beat more challenging stages like the Crazy Cats.

Remember, there is no wrong way to progress through the game, but following these tips will make the process smoother and less frustrating.


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