How to Get Cat Food in Battle Cats

If you’re a fan of The Battle Cats and are looking for ways to get free cat food, you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss every free way to get cat food in the game.


Watch Media

Watching media is one of The Battle Cats’ most effortless and popular ways to earn cat food. However, this method is unreliable, as the tasks from the “Get” section don’t work every time.

Empire of Cats Chapter One – Zombie Outbreaks

Once you complete Chapter One of the Empire of Cats, zombie outbreaks will start appearing in them. You can earn ten cat food by completing the outbreaks every time you beat it. Furthermore, you also have an increased chance of getting a good treasure.

Into the Future

Another way to earn cat food is through the Into the Future game mode. You can earn ten cat food for completing all the challenges in a certain amount of time. If you don’t complete the challenges on time, you can redo them until you get it right.

Into the Future
Into the Future


In the game mode of Gammatoto, you can earn cat food by sending your cats on expeditions. While they’re out, they can earn cat food. Although they don’t give much cat food, it’s still worth doing.

Weekly Missions

You can earn cat food by completing weekly missions. You can earn 30 cat food every week if you complete all weekly missions. It’s a great way to earn cat food consistently.

Evolved Kung Fu Cadets to Level 10

Upgrading unique or rare cats, like the Kung Fu Cat X, is a great way to earn free cat food. They’re super cheap to upgrade, so it’s an easy way to earn cat food.

Kung Fu Cat
Kung Fu Cat

Buying Draws

One tip is never buying single draws, as it’s not worth the investment. Instead, wait for the 100 Uber rare chance, which is on discount now, where you can get 11 draws plus a guaranteed Uber for only 750 cat food. You can even get another Uber, so it’s a great deal.

Unlocking Cats

Once you unlock a cat, you can earn cat food by going into the cat guide. You can earn cat food by clicking on a cat and watching a short video.

In conclusion, there are multiple ways to earn cat food in The Battle Cats. However, some methods may not be reliable, so it’s best to try them all and see what works for you. Never buy single draws, upgrade your rare or unique cats, and complete weekly missions. By doing these things, you can earn cat food consistently and effectively.


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