BitLife: How To Complete The Neighborhood Watch Challenge

To complete BitLife’s Neighborhood Watch Challenge, you’ll need the Landlord Expansion Pack. This guide will show you the steps to successfully finish the challenge.

Starting the Challenge

Begin by getting tenants for your available lots. It’s advised to use an established life with money and fame to make the process easier. For this challenge, you don’t need to perform background checks on your first tenants.

BitLife: Property Inspection
BitLife: Property Inspection

Property Inspections

During property inspections, you’ll come across various issues that might be grounds for eviction. If you find an issue, evict the tenant, and rent the property out again immediately. Don’t give any warnings to speed up the process.

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Dealing with Different Tenant Situations

You may encounter various tenant situations during inspections. Here are some examples:

  1. Tenant giving themselves a facial: Ignore this, as it’s not a valid reason for eviction.
  2. Tenant using the property as an Airbnb rental: Evict them and rent out the property again.
  3. Tenant experimenting with toxic chemicals: Evict them for their dangerous activities.
BitLife: Tenant
BitLife: Tenant

Relationships with Tenants

Interact with tenants by complimenting and conversing with them. You might also try dating a single tenant and eventually marrying them, which can unlock a hidden achievement.

Forcing Tenants Out

Forcing a tenant out is a random pop-up event during the challenge. When it occurs, you’ll need to force the selected tenant to leave. After finishing the challenge, you’ll receive your world ranking.

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That’s it! By following these steps, you’ll successfully complete BitLife’s Neighborhood Watch Challenge. If you enjoyed this guide or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.


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