BitLife: How to Complete the Forrest Gump Challenge

Follow these steps to complete the Forrest Gump Challenge in BitLife:

Forrest Gump Challenge
Forrest Gump Challenge

Step 1: Be a Male and Advance to College

To begin the Forrest Gump challenge, you must first create a male character. Then, simply advance through the years until you reach college.

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Step 2: Join the College Football Team

Once in college, apply for the football team. If the football team isn’t available, drop out of college and apply again until it appears. Join the team and play college football as part of the challenge.

Join the Army
Join the Army

Step 3: Join the Army as an Officer

After finishing college, join the military by applying as an officer. This will allow you to serve in the army and progress further in the challenge.

Step 4: Get Deployed to War

You cannot make yourself go to war in BitLife, but you can wait until it happens naturally. Advance through the years, and you will eventually be deployed to an unstable war zone.


Step 5: Request Discharge and Become a Fisherman

After participating in a war, request a discharge from the military. Once discharged, search for a job as a fisherman. If the position isn’t immediately available, exit the app and return until it appears. Apply for the position and begin your career as a fisherman.

Have a Son Named Forrest
Have a Son Named Forrest

Step 6: Have a Son Named Forrest

The final step in the challenge is to have a son named Forrest. Find a date, start a relationship, and have a child. If the child is a son, name him Forrest to complete the challenge.

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By following these steps, you can successfully complete the Forrest Gump challenge in BitLife.


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