Best Cotton Cookie Toppings Guide

Cotton Cookie is a support cookie that excels in healing and also deals a decent amount of damage. Its skill increases healing and attack, and when the lantern is lit, it can summon a sheep herd to inflict damage on opponents.

For Cotton Cookie, use five Swift Chocolate Medium toppings to reduce cooldowns. This gives a 5% cooldown bonus because of the chocolate set effect. To optimize these toppings, focus on sub-stats such as extra damage, resist attack, and cooldown.

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Example Toppings and Sub-Stats

Here are some examples of toppings and their sub-stats to give you an idea:

  1. Attack at 1.9% – Increases healing and sheep herd’s attack on opponents. Additional sub-stats include extra HP and amplify buff.
  2. Defense at 3% – Offers a defense boost to Cotton Cookie. Additional sub-stats include debuff resist and amplify buff at 1.7%.
  3. Defense at 2.6% – Features damage resist at 3.4% and an extra cooldown of 1.6%.
  4. Defense at 2% – Comes with 1.3% debuff resist and 1.5% damage resist.
  5. Defense at 1.9% – Not as high as others, but still good. Additional sub-stats include amplify buff at 1.9% and cooldown at 1.5%.

Combined Effects

When all these toppings are combined, the overall effects include:

  • Attack at 1.9% (could be higher)
  • HP at 2%
  • Damage resist at 4.9%
  • Cooldown at 18.2%
  • Defense at 9.5%
  • Amplify buff at 4.9%
  • Debuff resist at 3.2%

Aim for a five-star Cotton Cookie and increase its skill level to 60 along with your character’s level.

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If you don’t have a five-star Cotton Cookie, you can try your luck with the gacha. Alternatively, you can play level 8-12 in World Exploration Dark Mode for chances to get the Cotton Cookie Soul Stone. You may also invest in the Mileage Shop to increase your chances of obtaining the soul stone.


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