Best Cherry Blossom Cookie Toppings Guide

The Cherry Blossom Cookie is an ambush cookie, making it an attack-focused character. Its skill consists of an umbrella move, which sends the cookie flying, dropping cherry blossoms on opponents.

To optimize this attack, searing raspberries seem to be the best topping choice.

Searing Raspberries and Swift Chocolates

Some players opt for a mix of three searing raspberries and two swift chocolates to lower cooldown. Swift chocolates have a cooldown effect, allowing the cherry blossom cookie to execute its attack more frequently.

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Optimizing Toppings and Sub Stats

To further improve the cookie’s performance, you can experiment with different toppings and sub stats. For instance, consider extra attack, crit resist, attack speed, or crit damage resist. Increasing attack speed ensures the cookie performs its epic attack more often.

Tweaking Effects and Toppings

After tweaking the toppings, you may see improvements in the effects, such as increased attack percentage, cooldown, and attack speed. If you find better toppings for the cherry blossom cookie, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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In summary, searing raspberries and swift chocolates seem to be the best toppings for the cherry blossom cookie. Tweak the toppings and sub stats to optimize attack speed, cooldown, and other effects to make your cherry blossom cookie as powerful as possible.


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