Best Cream Puff Cookie Toppings Guide

Cream Puff Cookie, a popular character in Cookie Run Kingdom, has received a new magic candy, a game-changer. With the magic candy upgrade, Cream Puff Cookie gains some impressive new abilities and buffs that make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


Extra Cream Skill and Cream Buff Stacks

Cream Puff Cookie’s magic candy introduces a new skill called “Extra Cream.” This skill grants attack buffs to all allies based on Cream Puff Cookie’s own percentage at the start of the battle.

The buffs are applied every time Cream Puff Cookie successfully casts a spell. Additionally, she earns a stack of “Cream Buff” with each successful spell, enhancing her skill and increasing her damage resistance.

Powerful Passive Abilities

Cream Puff Cookie’s passive abilities are equally noteworthy. She has a 10% crit chance and increases her attack by 0.5% of her own percentage for 15 seconds, capped at 37.5%. These effects stack up at one time.

Moreover, Cream Buff provides stun resistance for 60 seconds and adds 3% of attack damage to her skill damage. With two stacks of Cream Buff, her successful skill damage reaches 6% of her attack, totalling 18.5.

Additional Buffs with Magic Candy Upgrades

Cream Puff Cookie’s magic candy is upgraded to +10, +20, and +30, so she gains additional buffs. Her crit damage increases by 0.3% of her crit percentage for 15 seconds, capped at 25%. The magic candy further enhances her attack, continuing the 0.5% increase at +30.

Cream Puff Cookie, with her magic candy, proves to be a versatile cookie for PVE content. She shines as a secondary healer and damage dealer, granting attack and crit damage buffs to the entire team.

While secondary healers may not always be necessary, Cream Puff Cookie finds her niche in the Cookie Alliance, where different teams are required. She contributes significantly to team strength by replacing other cookies, making her a valuable asset.

Considerations for PvP and Challenges

Cream Puff Cookie can be utilized in the arena, but other cookies like Blueberry Pie are more prevalent. However, her burst healing, stun immunity, and damage resist make her viable for specific team compositions.

One downside is her reliance on the Juicy Apple Jelly item, which lengthens her cooldown. Additionally, she becomes vulnerable to damage if she fails to cast her spell on time.

Guild Boss Battles: Cream Puff’s Moment to Shine

Cream Puff Cookie truly shines in guild boss battles. Her burst healing capabilities and crit damage boost make her a valuable addition to any team. Combining her with Oyster for extra crit and utilizing the Whistle buff further enhances her successful skill rate. Cream Puff Cookie’s magic candy is among the best to invest in for guild boss battles, second only to Squid Ink Cookie’s magic candy.

Conclusion: Cream Puff’s Redemption Arc

With the introduction of her magic candy, Cream Puff Cookie has found a new lease on life in the Cookie Run Kingdom. The upgrade elevates her from being out of the meta to becoming a formidable cookie again.

She excels in PVE content, such as World Aspiration and the Cookie Alliance, while proving valuable in guild boss battles. Players should consider investing in Cream Puff Cookie’s magic candy after prioritizing Squid Ink Cookie’s upgrade.

Whether you plan to level up Cream Puff Cookie’s magic candy or explore new strategies for guild boss battles, Cream Puff Cookie’s enhanced abilities will undoubtedly bring excitement and power.


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