Best Latte Cookie Toppings Guide

Latte Cookie is a powerful character in Cookie Run Kingdom. In this article, we’ll explore how you can effectively use her in both the arena and world exploration. Latte Cookie brings a lot to the table with her unique skills and high base stats. Let’s dive in and discover her potential.


When fully upgraded, Latte Cookie boasts impressive stats. At level 60, she has 88,958 HP, 41,436 Attack, 34,882 Defense, and a critical hit rate of 19. With a power rating of 182,989, she stands out as a formidable contender. As a magical cookie, her base attack is naturally higher, making her a force to be reckoned with.

Skill Overview: Care for a Latte

Latte Cookie’s primary skill is “Care for a Latte.” It has a 15-second cooldown and deals damage in multiple stages. The initial hit inflicts 112.9% damage, followed by an inner circle glyph dealing 239% damage and an outer glyph causing 179.3% damage. Additionally, this skill silences the enemy for one second. It immobilizes them for five seconds, making Latte Cookie a valuable utility cookie.

World Exploration: Unleashing Latte’s Power

In the world exploration mode, Latte Cookie shines. Let’s look at her performance in stages 7-25 and 8-30. Her ability to immobilize enemies and deal significant damage makes her an invaluable asset to your team.

Latte Cookie’s skill can suck enemies in, causing a massive explosion and preventing them from moving. This combination of damage and crowd control makes her a top choice for various stages.

Arena Battles: Latte Cookie’s Potential

When it comes to the arena, Latte Cookie may not be as dominant in higher ranks, but she still has her uses. In friendly battles, she can hold her own against powerful meta teams.

Though she lacks damage resistance, her ability to silence and immobilize enemies can disrupt their strategies. Pairing her with cookies like Black Raisin, Licorice, Seafaring, or Frost Queen can further enhance her utility.

Optimal Toppings: Swift Chocolate or Searing Raspberry

To maximize Latte Cookie’s effectiveness, consider two different topping options. If you prefer her utility role, go for a complete set of Swift Chocolate. This will allow her to silence enemies more frequently, keeping them in check.

On the other hand, if you want to focus on her damaged output, equip her with a complete set of Searing Raspberry. This will increase her overall damage and make her a formidable attacker.

In conclusion, Latte Cookie offers a versatile skill set and impressive damage potential. While she may not be as prominent in high-level arena battles, she remains a strong contender in mid-to-lower ranks.

Her ability to immobilize enemies and silence their skills can turn the tide in your favour. Whether you utilize her as a utility cookie or a primary damage dealer, Latte Cookie is worth considering for your team.


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