Best Hollyberry Cookie Toppings Guide

Cookie Run Kingdom has introduced a new ancient, Hollyberry, a defense cookie placed in the front row.

Hollyberry competes with others in the same niche, such as milk cookies, strawberry crepes, dark chocos, red velvets, and kumiho. However, for the most part, Hollyberry is preferred over the strawberry crepe and dark choco.

Hollyberry’s primary skill is the oath on the shield, where she lets out a war cry of fury, charges forward, and becomes a shield to all of her cookie allies. Hollyberry absorbs a portion of their damage, excluding continuous and indirect damage.

While using her skill, she becomes more resistant to interrupting effects. However, Hollyberry takes additional damage, acting as a taunt ability similar to what milk does. Hence, the proper topping set, sub-stats, and team composition are crucial to keeping her alive.

After stress-testing her at the maximum level of 60 in the game, the solid almonds topping set has emerged as the best topping of choice for Hollyberry. Focusing on getting as much damage resistance as possible, utilizing a full five-piece set on her allows you to get an additional five percent damage resistance buff from the set.

The superior damage resistance to achieve is anything over 40. Additionally, sub-stats such as additional HP, defense, crit resistance, and debuff resistance can help survive some of the burst damage teams in the PvP arena.

Hollyberry can be utilized in the arena as part of the team composition to climb up the leaderboard. Hollyberry is only there to survive as long as possible and soak up as much damage as possible. Hence, providing her with as much damage resistance as possible is crucial to allow her to do that.


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