Cookie Run Kingdom: How to Beat Level 10-31

10-31 is the second time you’ll face the Cake Witch in Cookie Run Kingdom. This battle is divided into two stages, with the second stage being more challenging. Here are some tips to help you defeat the Cake Witch.

Key Cookies and Treasures

Use the following cookies and treasures in this battle:

  • Vampire
  • Sorbet
  • Pure Vanilla or Herb
  • Black Raisin or Poison Mushroom
  • Slingshot (Treasure)
  • Jelly Watch (Treasure)
  • Scroll (Treasure)

Using the Slingshot treasure is crucial for dealing massive damage to the Cake Witch.

First Stage Strategy

The first stage is relatively easy. Get rid of the mobs as quickly as possible and use the skills of your cookies, followed by the Slingshot, to deal significant damage to the Cake Witch. Timing your skills properly and using the Slingshot is essential for maximizing damage in this stage.

Second Stage Strategy

In the second stage, continue using your cookies’ skills and the Slingshot. Make sure to time your skills properly, as it becomes more crucial in this stage. Utilize Herb or Pure Vanilla for healing when your cookies’ HP gets low. AOE damage is beneficial for dealing with the mobs summoned by the Cake Witch during this stage.

Alternative Cookies and Strategies
Alternative Cookies and Strategies

Alternative Cookies and Strategies

If you don’t have Vampire or Sorbet, you can use other cookies like Raspberry, Latte, or Rye. Poison Mushroom can also deal a lot of damage to the bosses, as they don’t move during the battle. Seafairy can also be a good option for dealing damage.

Utilizing the Slingshot

The Slingshot treasure is essential in this battle, as it can reduce the Cake Witch’s defense by almost half for five seconds. Properly timing the Slingshot with your cookies’ skills can result in dealing a significant amount of damage.

Final Tips

  • Make sure to have a good single-target damage dealing cookie, like Sorbet, Rye, or Vampire.
  • Use Poison Mushroom for extra damage over time.
  • Have a reliable healer to ensure your cookies survive the Cake Witch’s special moves.
  • Utilize the Slingshot treasure effectively for maximum damage output.

Follow these tips and strategies to defeat the 10-31/Cake Witch in Cookie Run Kingdom and progress smoothly through the game.


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