Cookie Run Kingdom: How to Beat Level 11-27

In this guide, we’ll cover how to beat Raspberry Cookie (11-27) in Cookie Run Kingdom with low-level cookies. The main issue players face in this stage is Raspberry Cookie targeting the wrong cookie, causing problems with damage and healing.

The Team Composition

The team used to beat 11-27 consists of the following cookies:

  1. Strawberry Crepe with five Solid Almonds as toppings, to tank for the team.
  2. Eclair with two Searing Raspberry, two Solid Almond, and one Swift Chocolate as toppings. This ensures Eclair is the second highest attacking cookie, making Sorbet Shark the highest attacking cookie.
  3. Cotton without any topping changes.
  4. Parfait with a decent amount of damage resist and cooldown.

The treasures used are level 3, level 3, and level 12.

Strategy and Battle

The key to beating Raspberry Cookie is to ensure Sorbet Shark has the highest attack in your team. To check this, go to your cookies’ stats and make adjustments if needed. This will make Raspberry Cookie target Sorbet Shark, allowing your team to dodge some of the damage.

Level 11-27
Level 11-27

During the battle, heal your cookies with Cotton and Parfait. Use Strawberry Crepe to tank damage and Eclair to deal damage. Make sure Raspberry Cookie dashes at Sorbet Shark and then heal up with Strawberry Crepe, Cotton, and Parfait. With practice, this strategy can be very effective even with lower level cookies.

The Importance of Strategy

It’s important to note that maxed-out cookies are not necessary when using effective strategies. The cookies used in this guide are not maxed out, and their toppings aren’t top-notch. The key is to use the strategies provided and adapt them to your team.

This particular strategy is recommended over the Sea Fairy build if you don’t have high damage resist toppings. It may take some practice, but it’s one of the easiest ways to beat Raspberry Cookie, thanks to the damage mitigation from dodging.

Toppings and Cookies


To recap, here are the toppings for each cookie:

  1. Strawberry Crepe: five Solid Almond
  2. Eclair: two Searing Raspberry, two Solid Almond, one Swift Chocolate
  3. Cotton: two Swift Chocolate, three Solid Almond
  4. Parfait: five Swift Chocolate

Good luck with 11-27! Remember, this strategy can also work with Black Raisin, but Sorbet Shark provides more value for other game modes, like Arena, Super Mayhem, and Cookie Alliance.


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