How to Get Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a mobile game that has a wide range of brawlers with varying rarities, including rare to super rare, epic, mythic, legendary, and even chromatic. Obtaining your ideal brawler is not always straightforward; it sometimes comes down to chance.

However, there are methods to advance and earn additional boxes, increasing your chances of unlocking brawlers. This post will go through the top 5 most fantastic tips for getting any brawler in Brawl Stars.

Complete all the Quests

The best way to progress in the game and earn more tokens is by completing all the quests as quickly as possible. There are different types of quests, including daily, unique, and seasonal quests. Daily quests reset every 24 hours, and you lose the rewards if you don’t complete them.


Special quests are limited, and season quests reset after the brawl pass ends. Therefore, it’s best to start with the daily quests, then the special quests, and finally, the season quests.

Get the Brawl Pass

If you’re going to spend money on the game, the first thing you should buy is the Brawl Pass. This offer costs 169 gems and is more valuable than anything else in the game.

Brawl Pass
Brawl Pass

By purchasing the Brawl Pass, you get a brawler for free, and you don’t have the chance to get that brawler anymore. Additionally, you receive numerous boxes, which increases your chances of unlocking more brawlers.

Take Advantage of Events

Events are great for earning more rewards, including boxes, tokens, and power points. Participating in events also helps you progress faster in the game. Brawl Stars offers various events, including solo events, 3v3 events, and special events. Participate in every event and complete all the challenges to maximize your rewards.

Power League
Power League

Join a Club

Joining a club in Brawl Stars is beneficial in many ways. You can socialize and play with other players, learn new strategies, and earn club points. You can use these club points to buy club items in the shop or participate in club events. Club events offer rewards like boxes, tokens, and power points, making progress in the game easier.

Purchase Special Offers

Brawl Stars offers different special offers in the shop, and they’re worth considering if you’re going to spend money on the game. The offers include boxes, gems, coins, and power points, and they provide better value for your money than buying these items individually. Keep an eye out for the offers, and make sure to purchase them if they’re worth it.

To summarize, acquiring any brawler in Brawl Stars Season 14 is a matter of chance, but there are ways to improve your chances. Completing all tasks, purchasing the Brawl Pass, participating in events, joining a club, and purchasing special deals are all excellent methods to advance in the game and unlock new brawlers.


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