Why Is Brawl Stars So Laggy?

Lag is one of the most frustrating problems gamers experience while playing an online game. It can ruin the gaming experience; sometimes, players blame the game for their device’s hardware or software. In this article, we discuss the causes of lag in Brawl Stars.


Server Connection Issues

Brawl Stars: Select Server Location
Brawl Stars: Select Server Location

The server connection is the first and most crucial factor affecting lag in Brawl Stars. When you start the game, your game client on your phone builds a connection to a central server where all the user data is stored. Your account progress, login information, friends list, matchmaking, and the logic run on these servers.

Latency Tests

The server runs latency tests for your client by picking ten servers worldwide and sending a little hello to these servers, measuring how fast it happens. This way, the server determines which server you can play on and which you shouldn’t. This data is unused for matchmaking.

Lag Definition

Lag is a term that describes a delay in the game’s response to the player’s input. It is not just a network issue, but it can be a device or hardware issue. Therefore, lag can be caused by many things, such as network congestion, hardware limitations, outdated software, and more.

Factors Contributing to Lag

In Brawl Stars, one of the main reasons behind lag is due to the device’s processing power. If a device is not powerful enough, the game will lag. Another factor that can cause lag is an outdated version of the game. As the game updates frequently, updating to the latest version is crucial to prevent lag.

In-Game Anomalies

Internet Speed Test
Internet Speed Test

Players frequently blame the game for in-game oddities; however, this is not always the case. Before criticizing the game for latency, verifying your internet speed and connection quality is essential.


Finally, latency can be caused by a variety of causes, such as server connection difficulties, device processing power, outdated software, and others. While Brawl Stars is constantly improving and updating the game, users should make sure they have the most recent version and a solid internet connection to minimize latency.


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