Boom Beach: How to Get More Power Powder

In order to collect a substantial amount of power powder in Boom Beach, it’s essential to be active in the game and follow specific strategies. The key is to make the most of your time and prioritize certain actions over others.

Follow these steps to get more Power Powder in Boom Beach:

Finish Dr. T Days and Daily Events

It’s crucial to always finish Dr. T Days and defeat Dr. Terrence to collect up to eight crystals per week. Besides that, staying on top of daily events is also essential. If you don’t participate in these events, you’re missing out on valuable resources.

Daily Events
Daily Events

Attack and Clear NPC and Player Bases

To increase your chances of getting power powder, attack NPC and player bases instead of just destroying them. Attacking offers a higher power stone chance compared to destroying. Player bases have more buildings and defenses, increasing the likelihood of receiving power powder.

Manage Your Time Wisely

If you have limited time to play each day, focus on the most effective strategies for obtaining power powder. Make sure to clear your NPC bases manually, clear player bases, and participate in all events. Also, make the most out of trader tickets to collect stones.

Statues and Power Stone Chances

When placing power stone chance statues, it’s advisable to place more than one to maximize their effect. If you’re going to farm power powder, consider using at least four or five statues with a power stone chance above 18%.

Boost Your Statues Wisely

Boost your statues only when necessary, such as during a full map clear. Boosting statues too frequently can lead to wasting crystals. If you’re in a power stone chance gaining phase, avoid boosting statues too often.

By following these tips and strategies, it’s possible to collect over 1,000 power powder in Boom Beach. Just remember to be active in the game and prioritize your time to get the most out of your efforts.


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