How to Get Trade Tokens in Clash Royale

Hello guys! Welcome to this article where I will show you how to get trade tokens in Clash Royale. If you don’t know how to get trade tokens, you are at the right place. I will tell you three methods to obtain them.

Method 1: Participate in Challenges

First, click on the event section in the game. Here you will see different challenges. For example, a challenge might be going on right now which ends in 8 days 19 hours. Participate in these challenges to earn tokens. The entry fee might be free or require a certain number of gems. To get tokens, you have to play these challenges and win.

Clash Royale: Quests
Clash Royale: Quests

Method 2: Increase Your Trophies

The second method is to increase your trophies. As you advance through the arenas by increasing your trophies, you will unlock new rewards, including trade tokens. For example, at 5,100 trophies, you may get an epic card or an epic trade token. Keep increasing your trophies to access more trade tokens at different stages.

Method 3: Activate the Royale Pass

The third and last method is to activate the Royale Pass. With the Royale Pass, you will see many trade tokens available as rewards. While some tokens are available on the free pass, many more are accessible with the Royale Pass.

Clash Royale: Royale Pass
Clash Royale: Royale Pass


In this way, you can get tokens in Clash Royale. I hope you liked this little tutorial. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading!


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