How to Make a New Clash Royale Account

Today, we’ll learn how to make a new Clash Royale account. This guide will take you through the process step by step.

Step 1: Connecting Your Main Account to Supercell ID

First, ensure your main account is connected to Supercell ID. This enables you to have multiple accounts on one device. Once connected, you’ll receive an emote, and the Supercell ID option will be accessible in the menu.

Step 2: Logging Out and Starting a New Account

To create a new account, go to the menu, press Supercell ID, and then click the gear in the top right corner.

gear in the top right corner
gear in the top right corner

This will take you to the settings page. Log out and confirm when prompted. To start your new account, choose “Play without Supercell ID.” This will launch the tutorial.

Step 3: Completing the Tutorial

Complete the tutorial as prompted. You’ll be asked to input a name for your new account. Choose any name you like. After finishing the tutorial, you’ll receive tutorial messages and be taken to the shop, where you can claim free Giants.

Clash Royale Tutorial
Clash Royale Tutorial

Step 4: Registering Your New Account with Supercell ID

Once the tutorial is complete, go back to the menu and click on Supercell ID. To register, you’ll need a valid email address. Enter your email and press “Register.” You’ll receive a verification code; enter it and press “Submit.” Name your account, choose an avatar, and you’re done.

Step 5: Switching Between Accounts

To switch between your accounts, go to the menu, press the two arrows, and select the account you want to use. You can switch back and forth easily.

The 2023 Challenge

The purpose of creating a new account is to undertake a challenge: how much progression can be made on this account by being a free-to-play player in one year? One exception to the free-to-play rule is the purchase of the Pass Royale, which costs $5 a month. This allows for more flexibility in playing multiple decks.

Set goals for your account, such as a top 1000 ladder finish, Ultimate Champion, top 1000 tournament finish, and having at least one Max Champion. Enjoy the challenge and see how far you can progress in a year!


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