Best Licorice Cookie Toppings Guide

Licorice Cookie, a formidable force in the Cookie Run Kingdom, can significantly benefit from specific toppings builds that enhance his performance on the battlefield. This article will explore the two best toppings builds for Licorice Cookie: The Swift Chocolates build and the Searing Raspberries build.


Swift Chocolates Build: Reducing Cooldown Time

The first recommended toppings build for Licorice Cookie is using five Swift Chocolates. These toppings are specifically chosen to decrease the cooldown time of Licorice Cookie’s skill.

By equipping Swift Chocolates, players can ensure that Licorice Cookie’s skill is available more frequently, allowing him to unleash his powerful abilities more often. This toppings build enhances Licorice Cookie’s overall effectiveness in battles.

Searing Raspberries Build: Amplifying Damage Output

Another option for a toppings build is using five Searing Raspberries. These toppings focus on increasing the damage output of Licorice Cookie’s attacks. Players can boost Licorice Cookie’s damage potential by equipping Searing Raspberries, enabling him to deal more damage to enemies.

While not as commonly recommended as the Swift Chocolates build, the Searing Raspberries build can be a viable choice for players who prioritize Licorice Cookie’s offensive capabilities.

When choosing between the Swift Chocolates and Searing Raspberries builds, it is essential to consider the specific playstyle and objectives of the player. The Swift Chocolates build is generally recommended due to its versatility and the ability to reduce cooldown time, ensuring Licorice Cookie’s skills are readily available.

However, players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle and prioritize maximizing damage output may find the Searing Raspberries build appealing.

It is important to note that both toppings builds offer distinct advantages and can be valuable in different scenarios. Experimenting with different combinations and finding the right balance for Licorice Cookie’s toppings can further optimize his performance on the battlefield.


The best toppings builds for Licorice Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom revolve around either reducing cooldown time with Swift Chocolates or amplifying damage output with Searing Raspberries.

These builds cater to different playstyles and objectives. While the Swift Chocolates build is generally recommended for its versatility, the Searing Raspberries build can be an alternative for players seeking to maximize Licorice Cookie’s offensive potential. By selecting the most suitable toppings for Licorice Cookie, players can elevate his performance and contribute to their success in battles.


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