Best Madeleine Cookie Toppings Guide

Madeleine Cookie, a formidable protector in the Cookie Run Kingdom, can significantly benefit from specific toppings builds that enhance his endurance on the battlefield. In this article, we will explore the two best toppings builds for Madeleine Cookie: the Solid Almonds build, and the Searing Raspberries build.


Solid Almonds Build: Enhancing Endurance

The first recommended topping build for Madeleine Cookie is the use of five Solid Almonds. These toppings are specifically chosen to help Madeleine Cookie last longer in battle. Madeleine’s primary role as a protector cookie is to shield and safeguard his team members.

Equipping Solid Almonds enhances his resilience, allowing him to effectively endure enemy attacks and protect his allies. These toppings build emphasizes Madeleine’s defensive capabilities and is highly reliable in supporting the team’s survivability.

Searing Raspberries Build: An Alternative Approach

An alternative option for a toppings build is using five Searing Raspberries. While not as reliable as the Solid Almonds build, the Searing Raspberries build offers a different approach to playing Madeleine Cookie. These toppings focus on increasing the damage output of Madeleine’s attacks.

By equipping Searing Raspberries, players can enhance Madeleine’s offensive capabilities, potentially leading to quicker elimination of enemies. However, it is essential to note that this build sacrifices some of Madeleine’s durability and protective qualities.

Choosing between the Solid Almonds and Searing Raspberries builds depends on players’ preferred playstyle and their team’s specific needs. Those who prioritize Madeleine’s role as a protector and seek to maximize his survivability will find the Solid Almonds build more suitable.

On the other hand, players who wish to emphasize Madeleine’s offensive potential may opt for the Searing Raspberries build, understanding the trade-off in terms of reduced durability.

It is worth mentioning that experimenting with different topping combinations can provide additional insights and flexibility. Players can explore variations of these primary builds by mixing and matching other toppings that complement Madeleine Cookie’s skills and playstyle.


In conclusion, the best toppings builds for Madeleine Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom revolve around enhancing endurance with Solid Almonds or emphasizing offense with Searing Raspberries. These builds cater to different playstyles and offer unique advantages on the battlefield.

Whether players prioritize Madeleine’s role as a protector or seek to enhance his offensive capabilities, optimizing the toppings for Madeleine Cookie is crucial for achieving success in battles and supporting the team effectively.


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