Best Mint Choco Cookie Toppings Guide

Mint Choco Cookie, a beloved character in Cookie Run Kingdom, can benefit significantly from specific toppings and builds that optimize his battle performance. This article will explore the best toppings for Mint Choco Cookie: the Swift Chocolates build and the Sweet Candies build.


Swift Chocolates Build

The first recommended toppings build for Mint Choco Cookie is the use of five Swift Chocolates. These toppings reduce the skill cooldown time of Mint Choco Cookie and increase his attack speed (ATK SPD).

Players can unleash Mint Choco Cookie’s skills more frequently by equipping these toppings, allowing for a more dynamic and aggressive playstyle. Additionally, the increased attack speed benefits Mint Choco Cookie’s overall damage output.

Sweet Candies Build

An alternative option for a toppings build is using five Sweet Candies. This build focuses on improving Mint Choco Cookie’s healing capabilities. By equipping Sweet Candies, Mint Choco Cookie can heal his allies at a faster rate. This is particularly beneficial in team-based battles, as the increased healing speed can keep the team sustained and increase their survivability.

Choosing between the Swift Chocolates and Sweet Candies builds depends on players’ preferred playstyle and the needs of their team. Those prioritizing skill availability and agility may find the Swift Chocolates build more appealing. On the other hand, players who value supporting their team and ensuring their survival may opt for the Sweet Candies build.

Experimenting with different topping combinations can also be valuable. Players can explore variations of these primary builds by mixing and matching other toppings. However, it is essential to consider the synergy between the toppings and Mint Choco Cookie’s skills to maximize their effectiveness on the battlefield.


The best toppings builds for Mint Choco Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom revolve around reducing skill cooldown and increasing attack speed with Swift Chocolates or enhancing healing capabilities with Sweet Candies. These builds cater to different playstyles and offer unique advantages in battles.

Whether players focus on agility and skill usage or prioritize supporting their team, optimizing the toppings for Mint Choco Cookie is essential for success in the game.


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