Moon Rabbit Cookie Build Guide (Toppings, Ability, Team)

Moon Rabbit Cookie is a powerful character in Cookie Run Kingdom, capable of dealing significant damage and providing healing support.

This article will explore Moon Rabbit Cookie’s abilities and evaluate her performance in different game modes, particularly in story mode and arena battles.


Moon Rabbit Cookie’s Strengths and Misconceptions

Moon Rabbit Cookie possesses formidable strength, reaching a maximum of five stars and level 60. In story mode, Moon Rabbit Cookie showcases her prowess by dealing impressive damage even when facing enemies positioned far away. Her unique double-hit ability allows her to strike foes in both the front and back rows, making her a versatile attacker.

One misconception to address is Moon Rabbit Cookie’s healing ability. It was previously stated that her healing skill, Rice Cake’s Healing, restores 253 HP. However, this information is incorrect.

The healing amount depends on whether the defeated enemy is a cookie or a non-cookie. In player-versus-environment (PvE) battles against non-cookie enemies, the healing received is only 24.2%. In contrast, the healing received in arena battles against cookie enemies is 253 HP.

Moon Rabbit Cookie’s Performance in Story Mode

Moon Rabbit Cookie excels in story mode due to her excellent damage output and wide attack range. Even when enemies are not directly adjacent, she can still inflict damage with her double-hit ability. With critical hits reaching 35,000 and 22,000, Moon Rabbit Cookie is a valuable asset in clearing stages efficiently.

Furthermore, her Candy skill deals massive damage, reaching up to 89,000. Although her healing ability was not extensively used in this demonstration, it is worth noting that Moon Rabbit Cookie possesses self-healing and can recover a substantial amount of HP, reaching 110,000 with proper utilization.

Moon Rabbit Cookie’s Performance in Arena Battles

Moon Rabbit Cookie’s effectiveness in arena battles depends on the team composition and the ability to defeat enemies quickly. Moon Rabbit Cookie’s healing potential becomes apparent when combined with a team capable of swiftly eliminating opponents.

With successful enemy eliminations, her healing can reach impressive amounts, such as 1 million or even 4 million in some cases.

However, it is essential to emphasize that Moon Rabbit Cookie’s healing ability is solely activated by defeating enemies. If the team fails to secure kills, no healing will occur.

Also, Moon Rabbit Cookie’s damage output is less significant than dedicated damage dealers like Seafarer Cookie or Sorbet Shark Cookie. Thus, careful team planning is crucial to fully utilize Moon Rabbit Cookie’s strengths.

Exploring Moon Rabbit Cookie’s Viability

The viability of Moon Rabbit Cookie heavily relies on team composition and the ability to secure kills. Moon Rabbit Cookie’s healing ability can prove invaluable if a team can effectively eliminate enemies.

However, suppose battles tend to take longer or struggle with enemy elimination. In that case, other cookies like Parfait Cookie, with consistent healing capabilities, might be a more suitable choice.

To maximize Moon Rabbit Cookie’s potential, a build similar to the one used for Strawberry Crêpe Cookie can be considered. Focusing on damage-boosting toppings like Swift Chocolate can increase her skill activation frequency, allowing for more enemy defeats and subsequent healing. Building a team with synergy and high killing potential is critical to harnessing Moon Rabbit Cookie’s strength.

Moon Rabbit Cookie offers a unique blend of damage-dealing and healing abilities in the Cookie Run Kingdom. While she can excel in story mode and showcase her impressive healing potential in arena battles, her effectiveness heavily depends on the team’s killing power.

Moon Rabbit Cookie’s double-hit attacks and self-sustain make her a versatile addition to any team that can swiftly eliminate enemies, allowing for substantial healing.


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