Best Raspberry Cookie Toppings Guide

With the latest update, Raspberry Cookie has made its debut in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Whether you’re considering using Raspberry Cookie on your team or just curious about her abilities, this article will help you make informed choices.

Raspberry Cookie’s Skills and Stats

Raspberry Cookie’s primary skill is “Raspberry Reprise,” which has a 14-second cooldown. She dashes at the enemy with the highest attack and continuously stabs them, reducing their attack briefly. While using her skill, Raspberry Cookie becomes more resistant to interrupting effects.

Her initial damage is 73.0%, and her final damage is 584.2%. The attack reduction lasts for three seconds. As a charge cookie, Raspberry Cookie’s stats are as follows: HP – 162,015, Attack – 25,071, Defense – 50,097, and Crit – 13. Her overall power is 97,355, which is quite good for a charge cookie.

Raspberry Cookie Toppings
Raspberry Cookie Toppings

Choosing the Right Toppings

Regarding toppings for Raspberry Cookie, I recommend a mixture of three Swift Chocolates and two Solid Almonds. This combination provides a balance between cooldown reduction and damage resistance. Swift Chocolate helps reduce Raspberry Cookie’s skill cooldown, while Solid Almond enhances her damage resistance.

For an optimal cooldown of nine seconds with a maxed-out Jelly Watch, aim for a cooldown reduction of around 13.4%. However, suppose you don’t focus heavily on arena battles. In that case, you can choose a complete set of Swift Chocolates and prioritize damage resistance instead.

Raspberry Cookie’s main target in the arena should be Seafarer Cookie, as reducing their attack power significantly affects their skills. Raspberry Cookie’s debuff ability plays a crucial role in battles, and having a 40% attack reduction on the enemy can make a huge difference.

Raspberry Cookie is a powerful addition to Cookie Run Kingdom, with her debuff abilities and high damage output. You can optimize her performance by choosing the right toppings and focusing on cooldown reduction and damage resistance.

Whether clearing stages or battling in the arena, Raspberry Cookie is a formidable cookie. Give her a try and see how she enhances your team’s strength in the game.


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