My Singing Monsters: How to Breed G’joob

This article will be showing you how to breed G’joob in My Singing Monsters. G’joob was actually a PS Vita exclusive monster for a long time until it was released to mobile in 2019.

Initially, it might seem like a challenge to obtain, but with the right breeding combination, you can get this unique monster in no time.

Breeding Combination for G’joob

The breeding combination for G’joob is T-Rox plus Pummel. You can try this combination in different ways, but using T-Rox plus Pummel should give you the desired result. After setting up the breeding, you might need to wait for a while or use diamonds to speed up the process.

G'joob Breeding Combination
G’joob Breeding Combination

Hatching and Placing G’joob

Once you finally get G’joob, it’s time to hatch and place this exciting new monster on your island. The enhanced breeding time for G’joob is around 12 to 14 hours, so be prepared to wait or speed it up using diamonds. When G’joob is ready, place it on your island and make any necessary adjustments to fit it into your layout.

Leveling Up G’joob

After placing G’joob, don’t forget to feed it and level it up. Try to get it to level 10 if you can. Unfortunately, you cannot place G’joob on the Gold Island, but you can still enjoy its presence on your other islands.


In conclusion, breeding G’joob in My Singing Monsters is quite simple with the T-Rox and Pommel combination. It might take a few tries, but with patience and some diamonds, you’ll have this unique monster in your collection. We hope this tutorial has helped you in your quest to breed G’joob!


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