My Singing Monsters: How to Breed Pummel

This article will be showing you how to breed Pummel. Breeding Pummel was quite challenging for me, and you might also face some difficulties. However, with the right combination, you can successfully breed Pummel in your game.

Combinations for Breeding Pummel

To breed Pummel, you can use various combinations. One such combination includes Potbelly and T-Rox. Another possible combination is Shrub and Toe Jammer. There may be other ways to breed Pummel, but these combinations are tried and tested.

It is important to note that you might need monsters like Entbrat or Ghazt to breed Pummel. However, you can experiment with the combinations mentioned above to achieve your goal.

Breeding Time for Pummel

Once you’ve successfully bred Pummel, it takes 12 hours on a regular breeding structure. However, if you have an enhanced breeding structure, the time reduces to 9 hours.

I hope this tutorial helps you in your quest to breed Pummel. Good luck, and happy breeding!


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