Best Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Guide

This article will explore the various toppings available for Pumpkin Pie, one of the most potent cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Also, it showcases a complete set of searing raspberries for Pumpkin Pie, all levelled up to 10 or 12. These toppings significantly enhance Pumpkin Pie’s abilities and overall performance.


Powerful Effects of Searing Raspberries

The set effect of having all five raspberries provides an extra attack boost. By filtering through the toppings, the player highlights the strongest ones equipped on Pumpkin Pie. The searing raspberries primarily focus on attack attributes, making them ideal for maximizing offensive capabilities.

Notably, the attack percentage on some of the toppings is as high as 2.6, significantly increasing Pumpkin Pie’s damage output. Additionally, the toppings offer damage resistance and cooldown reduction, enhancing survivability and combat efficiency.

The Top Five Toppings

Among the searing raspberries toppings, there are other top five for Pumpkin Pie. The first topping boasts an impressive attack percentage of 2.6, damage resistance and cooldown attributes. The second-best topping features a 2.4 percent attack boost, attack speed increase, and amplified buff attribute.

The fourth-best topping provides increased attack, HP boost, and critical hit chance. The final topping offers additional attack, cooldown reduction, and HP increase. Together, these toppings provide a combined effect of 54.4 percent attack for Pumpkin Pie.

Overall Stats and Power

With the searing raspberries toppings equipped, Pumpkin Pie’s overall power reaches 217,988. The cookie’s HP stands at 63,000, while attack and defence values are 59,000 and 28,000, respectively.

The percentage value, which represents overall cookie power, sits at 15.8. Though Pumpkin Pie’s HP is relatively low, the combination of attack, defence, and other attributes compensates for it.

Obtaining Pumpkin Pie and Upgrading

For players who don’t have Pumpkin Pie yet or wish to promote it, completing level 615 in dark mode is recommended. This level offers an opportunity to obtain Pumpkin Pie soul stones, with the chance of receiving multiple stones in a day.

Additionally, the mileage shop is an excellent option for acquiring a five-star Pumpkin Pie cookie. These strategies can help players strengthen their lineup and increase their chances of success in the game.


In conclusion, Pumpkin Pie in the Cookie Run Kingdom becomes a formidable force with the right toppings. This also highlights the importance of choosing toppings that focus on attack and other beneficial attributes.

Pumpkin Pie’s overall power and effectiveness can be significantly enhanced with the proper selection and levelling of toppings. Players are encouraged to explore the suggested strategies for obtaining and upgrading Pumpkin Pie to unleash its full potential.


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