Best Mala Sauce Cookie Toppings Guide

Mala Sauce is the featured banner of the latest update in Cookie Run Kingdom. It has taken many players by surprise. Twizzly Gummy Cookie seemed the more promising cookie, but Mala Sauce has proven impressive.

She is placed in the front row as a charged cookie, which makes sense for her play style. Her primary skill, Spicy Mala Strike, deals area damage and applies the burn debuff to enemies.

Additionally, it increases the crit per cent of the two cookies with the highest crit stat. This combination of damage, burn debuff, and crit buff makes her a potent force in battle.

The developers, DevSisters, seem to encourage players to explore different toppings and not rely solely on the usual options. Mala Sauce benefits from crit per cent toppings, which can enhance the overall damage output of the team.

While focusing exclusively on crit percent for Mala Sauce is not necessary, it is a viable option for building a team around crit per cent.

The additional crit buff she provides to teammates for eight seconds further enhances their damage potential. Mala Sauce’s mace and lava burst attacks also contribute to her effectiveness.

Mala Sauce Cookie
Mala Sauce Cookie

Although Mala Sauce is a charge cookie and Poison Mushroom is a bomber, they can be compared in terms of their damage potential.

The player utilized the Searing Raspberry set as it aligns with Mala Sauce’s damage-oriented playstyle. The set and Mala Sauce’s abilities showcase her capability to deal significant damage.

Mala Sauce was tested solo in a gameplay demonstration at stages 8-30 without additional cookies. She displayed impressive damage numbers even at level 55 with a skill level below maximum. With a complete Searing Raspberry set and being only two-star promoted, Mala Sauce’s damage was noteworthy.

Her single-target hit skill dealt multiple hits, each hitting the same target. The damage output, especially when she crits, was remarkable, reaching up to 8,000 per tick. This showcases her potential as an area damage dealer.

During the boss fights in the demonstration, Mala Sauce proved capable of taking down the boss. Although the battle took some time due to her solo performance, her burn debuff weakened the boss’s health.

Mala Sauce’s performance in the guild boss battle is expected to be even more impressive when she reaches higher levels and gains more attack damage. While she may not surpass the damage output of other cookies like Shroom, she remains a strong option for building a team composition.

Mala Sauce’s potential synergy with Poison Mushroom in the guild boss battle is worth noting. Pairing them together, with both cookies having maxed-out toppings and levels, could yield exceptional results.

The combination of Mala Sauce’s area damage and burn debuff, along with Poison Mushroom’s bombing capabilities, can achieve more significant damage than ever before. Further exploration of team compositions and build strategies will determine the true extent of Mala Sauce’s effectiveness.

In conclusion, Mala Sauce has made a strong impression with her area damage, burn debuff, and crit buff abilities. While she may not be the absolute top cookie in the meta, she certainly has the potential to leave a mark.

Players who can devise a crit percent and attack speed build for her, like Cello the God, might discover her true potential. Additionally, pairing her with Poison Mushroom in the guild boss battle could lead to outstanding results. Mala Sauce is a cookie worth considering for players seeking a powerful damage dealer.


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