Best Tails Cookie Toppings Guide

Tails Cookie, known for his speedy and agile gameplay, requires the right toppings to enhance his attack potential. In this article, we will explore the best toppings to maximize Tails Cookie’s ATK stat and optimize his performance on the battlefield.


The Superiority of Searing Raspberries

To make the most of Tails Cookie’s offensive capabilities, it is recommended to equip him with five Searing Raspberries. These toppings significantly boost his ATK stat, allowing him to deal more damage to enemies. The potency of Searing Raspberries makes them the preferred choice among most players.

Exploring Alternative Toppings

While Searing Raspberries are the go-to toppings for Tails Cookie, it is worth mentioning that other topping combinations can be attempted. However, it is essential to note that there is currently no other efficient or widely favoured toppings built for Tails Cookie. The versatility and effectiveness of Searing Raspberries make them the top choice for maximizing Tails Cookie’s attack potential.

Unleash Tails Cookie’s True Power

With the recommended toppings of five Searing Raspberries, Tails Cookie can truly unleash his full potential. The increased ATK stat enables him to damage enemies significantly, making him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Whether facing challenging stages, engaging in guild battles, or participating in arena matches, Tails Cookie’s boosted attack power will prove invaluable.

In conclusion, equipping Tails Cookie with five Searing Raspberries is the ideal choice to maximize his ATK potential. These toppings significantly boost his damage output, making him a formidable cookie in any battle.

While alternative toppings can be explored, none currently match the efficiency and effectiveness of Searing Raspberries. Embrace the power of Tails Cookie and dominate your enemies with swift and powerful attacks.


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