BitLife: How to Become a President

Follow these steps to become a president in BitLife:

Step 1: Get Rich

To begin your journey to the presidency, you first need to get rich. Aim for at least a billion dollars to max out your campaign budget.

Step 2: Have a Child with High Intelligence

Once you’ve amassed your fortune, have a child and make sure they have a high intelligence stat. This can be achieved through editing their stats or simply by trying again with another child if the first one doesn’t have the desired intelligence.

Bitlife Attributes
Bitlife Attributes

Step 3: Ensure Your Child Majors in Political Science

When your child turns 18, they’ll express an interest in attending college. Make sure they choose a major in political science. If this option isn’t available, try backing out of the app and trying the process again.

College / University / School
College / University / School

Step 4: Switch to Your Child’s Life

Once your child has graduated with their degree in political science, switch to their life. If you have God Mode enabled, this can be done easily; otherwise, you’ll need to commit suicide and switch to your child that way.

Step 5: Law School and Becoming a Lawyer

After switching to your child’s life, have them attend law school and pay for their tuition. Once they graduate, help them find a job as a lawyer.

Step 6: Run for Governor

As your character ages, try running for governor once they’re eligible. It’s recommended to choose the Democratic Party due to possible biases within the game. Select a platform to campaign on and invest in your campaign budget.

Run for President
Run for President

Step 7: Run for President

When your character turns 35, you can attempt to run for president. Although it’s possible to win without having been a governor first, the chances are slim. Follow the same steps as running for governor, investing in your campaign budget and selecting a platform.

During your campaign, you’ll be faced with various scenarios. Treat your opponents with respect, deny any allegations, and answer questions in a politically correct manner. Some scenarios may be jokes and won’t significantly impact your chances.

Becoming president in BitLife is largely luck-based. If you fail in your first attempts, continue trying by clicking “Continue” and “Try Again” to start at 23 years old with your political science degree.

If you’re struggling to maintain a high approval rating, consider looking for additional guidance on handling tricky situations in the game. Remember that persistence is essential, as failure is inevitable in your journey to become president.


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