BitLife: How to Become a Billionaire

In this article, we’ll discuss how to start a life in BitLife with billions of dollars, specifically as a six-year-old with $5 billion. This guide is tailored for iOS users, as royalty mechanics are different on Android devices.

Choosing the Right Settings

First, start your life in Monaco and make yourself a Count or Countess. If you don’t have God Mode, follow this article to learn how to be born into royalty without it.

Start a New Life
Start a New Life

Aging and Inheritance

Once your life begins, age up until your parents pass away or you somehow remove them from the picture to inherit their wealth, which will likely be around $3-4 billion. Additionally, you’ll earn around $30 million per year just by aging.

Having Children and Switching Lives

It’s essential to have children in the game. Age up to the desired age at which you want to start a new life, and then switch to one of your children’s lives. For instance, if you want to start at age 12, age up and switch to their life.

BitLife: Switch Lives
BitLife: Switch Lives

Choosing a New Country

Usually, it’s best to immigrate out of Monaco. To do so, relinquish your title and choose the “Immigrate” option. Pick the country you want to move to, like Puerto Rico, and request approval. Be aware that immigrating could result in a divorce, causing you to lose some money in the process.

Switching to the Desired Child’s Life

Finally, switch to the life of the child you want to play as. If you have God Mode, you can edit their stats. Now, you’ll be a six-year-old with approximately $4.8 billion.

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Follow this guide to start your BitLife journey with billions of dollars, and enjoy the game to the fullest. If you have any questions or tips, feel free to leave them in the comments below.


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