BitLife: What is Karma? Explained

This page explains how Karma works in BitLife:

What Does Karma Mean in Bitlife?

In BitLife, there’s a hidden karma stat that affects your luck throughout your life. Unlike the main four stats (happiness, health, smarts, and looks), karma isn’t immediately visible. Good karma increases your chances of living longer and winning the lottery, while bad karma may lead to negative events like illness.

BitLife: Karma
BitLife: Karma

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How to Increase Karma

To increase your karma, you can engage in various positive activities, such as apologizing, calling the police, and complimenting others. Giving money to people is another way to boost your karma. You don’t need to give a lot; even small amounts can make a difference, as long as the recipient appreciates it.

How to Decrease Karma

On the other hand, engaging in negative behaviors can lower your karma. Examples of such actions include arguing, assaulting, committing crimes, using drugs, going to prison, and cheating on people. Keep the karma stat in mind when trying to achieve certain goals, such as living to 100 years old.

Luck, Lottery, and Karma

If you want to try your luck in the lottery, increasing your karma beforehand might help. Giving away money before playing the lottery may boost your chances of winning. Conversely, if you’re looking for a challenging life in BitLife, engaging in negative actions can lower your karma, making life more difficult.

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Remember that the karma stat can have a significant impact on your BitLife experience. Pay attention to the choices you make, and try to maintain a positive karma for a luckier and more enjoyable game.


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