BitLife: How to Complete the Harley Quinn Challenge

In this article, we will guide you through the steps to complete the Harley Quinn Challenge in BitLife, a popular life simulation game.

How to Get the Harley Quinn Achievement in BitLife

The challenge requires you to be born a female in the U.S., join the gymnastics team, work as a psychiatrist, rob a bank with a croquet mallet, and escape from prison.

Harley Quinn Challenge
Harley Quinn Challenge

Step 1: Starting Your Life and Joining the Gymnastics Team

First, make sure to select the sports special talent rather than the crime special talent. When you begin your life, age up to 11 and join the middle school gymnastics team. If it’s not available, you can restart your life and try again. Practice gymnastics at least once to get the check mark for this requirement.

BitLife: Gymnastics
BitLife: Gymnastics

Step 2: Education and Becoming a Psychiatrist

Choose nursing as your major in college, as it is related to psychiatry. After graduating from university, apply for medical school. Following several years of medical school, you should graduate around the age of 29. Now, search for junior psychiatrist jobs and apply for one. Once you secure the position, you’ve met another requirement of the challenge.

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Step 3: Robbing a Bank with a Croquet Mallet

To rob a bank with a croquet mallet, go to the crime section of the game and select bank robbery. The mallet might not be available initially, so you may need to back out and try again until it appears. Once you’ve successfully robbed the bank, you will most likely get caught, but don’t worry; escaping from prison is part of the challenge.

BitLife: Bank Robbery
BitLife: Bank Robbery

Step 4: Escaping from Prison

Choose a public defender, plead not guilty, and you’ll end up in a medium security prison. From there, you will need to plan your escape. Each prison layout might be different, so it’s essential to observe the map and figure out the best way to evade the guards.

Step 5: Joining the Mafia and Robbing the Bank Again

To make the bank robbery part of the challenge easier, you can join the mafia. To do so, commit a crime such as murder and then apply to join the mafia through the special careers section.

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Once accepted, select crime and bank robbery again, but this time, you will find it easier to succeed. Keep resetting the weapons until the croquet mallet appears, then proceed with the robbery.

And there you have it! By following these steps, you should successfully complete the Harley Quinn Challenge in BitLife.


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