BitLife: How to Join the Mafia

This article explains everything you need to know about the Mafia in BitLife:

How to Join the Mafia

Follow these steps to join the Mafia in BitLife:

Step 1: Starting Your Criminal Journey

To join your first gang in BitLife, begin your criminal journey at the age of eight by committing small crimes. Pickpocketing and porch pirating are good starting points. Commit a few crimes each year as you age to build your criminal reputation.

BitLife: Crime
BitLife: Crime

Step 2: Escaping Juvenile Detention

If you’re caught while committing a crime, you can try escaping juvenile detention by following certain strategies. However, if you’re unable to escape, don’t worry – you’ll only be detained for a year.

Step 3: Committing Major Crimes

Once you turn 14, aim to commit a major crime like Grand Theft Auto. Steal cars to use for drive-bys when you’re old enough to get your license. Drive-bys are an effective crime method, so always keep a car available.

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Step 4: Joining an Organized Crime Family

After committing numerous minor crimes and at least one major crime, navigate to the “Organized Crime” section in BitLife. You can either join the best crime family or opt for a less notorious one. In this example, we’ll try to join the Yakuza or the Triad.

BitLife: Crime Family
BitLife: Crime Family

Step 5: Gaining Entry to a Crime Family

To join a crime family, you may need to perform tasks like chauffeuring members around town or delivering packages. If your first attempt fails, try again with a different task. Once you successfully join a crime family, you can work your way up the ranks to become the boss.

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How to Became a Mafia Godfather

To become a Mafia Godfather or Godmother in Bitlife, follow these steps. First, ensure you have joined a mafia or gang. If you’re unsure how to do this, refer to the previous section in this article.

Working Hard and Committing Crimes

Once you’re in a gang, make sure you work hard every year to get on the good side of the Godfather or Godmother. At least once per year, commit crimes, such as grand theft auto, extortion, or burglaries. Smaller crimes like shoplifting and pickpocketing help but are not as significant. Always contribute the full amount of your crime earnings to the family.

Following Orders and Building Reputation

When ordered to report to the family, always do so. Follow instructions without question to gain trust and increase your chances of promotion. For example, when asked to commit a crime, do it without hesitation.

BitLife: Crime Screen
BitLife: Crime Screen

Choosing the Right Crimes

Grand theft auto and extortion are considered the most rewarding crimes, but there is no crime that is risk-free. Each crime carries potential consequences, so choose wisely and be prepared for setbacks.

Promotions and Eliminating Competition

Promotions may take years to earn, but they are worth it. If you want to speed up the process, consider “whacking” the person above you in rank. This can lead to a promotion if you are next in line.

BitLife: Godfather
BitLife: Godfather

Becoming the Godfather or Godmother

After several promotions, you may eventually become the Godfather or Godmother of your mafia family. This position brings more money per year but doesn’t offer additional perks. The goal is to take control of the family and establish your position as the boss.

Remember, the road to becoming a Mafia Godfather or Godmother is not easy, but with determination and perseverance, you can achieve this prestigious position in Bitlife.

How To Find a Rat

This section how to find the rat within your mafia in BitLife. To maintain a strong and trustworthy mafia family, you must identify and expose potential snitches. Follow these steps to locate the rat and keep your family secure.

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Join a Mafia Family

First, join a mafia family in the game. You can’t locate a rat without being part of a family, so get involved with one of the available families in BitLife.

Check Family Members Every Year

Once you’ve joined a family, it’s essential to check every member each year. You’re looking for something very specific that will help you identify the rat. Age up in the game and pay close attention to the family members.

Look for Smiling Faces

The key to identifying the rat is to look for any family members who are smiling. Go through the entire list of family members and search for a smiling face among them.

The Informant
The Informant

Expose the Rat

Once you’ve spotted the smiling family member, expose them as the rat. The game will confirm if your suspicion was correct, and you’ve successfully identified the rat within your mafia family.

That’s all you need to know to find and expose the rat in BitLife. Keep your mafia family strong and secure by staying vigilant and always watching for potential snitches.

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How to Complete The El Chapo Challenge

The objective of the El Chapo Challenge in BitLife is to be born poor in Mexico, become a Mafia Godfather, reach $2 billion, escape twice from maximum security prison, and get a life sentence.

Starting the Journey

First, we need to be born poor in Mexico. Since the player started the life as a female character, we will aim to become a Godmother instead. To join a gang, we’ll need to commit a crime, such as murder. After killing someone, it’s essential to steal a car for future use.

Joining the Mafia

After successfully committing a crime, we can now join the Mafia. The player attempts to join by washing cars but faces rejection. The player decides to kill another person to increase their notoriety, and after doing so, they successfully join the Mafia as an associate.

Working Towards Promotion

Once in the Mafia, it’s crucial to work hard and increase your notoriety. The player opts for the pickpocket strategy and focuses on staying healthy to avoid being caught. By extorting businesses and whacking out rivals, the player’s notoriety quickly increases. Through perseverance, the player eventually gets promoted to a soldier.

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Facing Rival Mafia Families

As the player continues to rise in the ranks, their mother is killed by a rival Mafia family. However, this unfortunate event leads to an inheritance of $5 billion, meeting the challenge’s $2 billion requirement. The player keeps working and, at 29 years old, encounters a challenge with an associate from the rival family.

Becoming an Underboss

The player continues to work hard, and at 40 years old, they are promoted to the position of underboss. The next step is to become the Godmother of the Mafia family, which should happen within the next 15 years.

Struggling with the Challenge

Despite the player’s best efforts, they die several times during their attempts to complete the El Chapo Challenge. The game proves to be quite challenging after the recent update, making it difficult for the player to reach the Godmother position.

Joining a mafia in BitLife doesn’t require luck or a special crime talent. By following this tutorial, you can become a mafia boss and enjoy a life of organized crime. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks for BitLife!


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