Best Black Raisin Cookie Toppings Guide

Black Raisin Cookie is the focus of this article. We’ll discuss the best toppings to use on this particular cookie. As an ambush cookie, Black Raisin fills the central role in your squad. Her skill, Shadow Watcher, deals single-hit damage of 125.6% at level 45. She slashes multiple times, and each hit carries the same damage percentage.


Stats Comparison

In terms of stats, Black Raisin Cookie performs as a DPS. Her HP is 34,000, higher than Latte Cookie and Licorice Cookie. Her defence is 14,500, significantly higher than Latte and slightly higher than Licorice.

However, her attack is slightly lower than Latte and higher than Licorice. It’s essential to consider her role in the team composition and compare her with other DPS options like Licorice and Latte.

Best Toppings: Searing Raspberry

After experimenting with different toppings, Searing Raspberry stands out as the best choice for Black Raisin Cookie. Since she aims to burst down enemies quickly, the additional 39.3% extra attack from Searing Raspberry significantly boosts her damage output.

Her skill’s rapid succession of hits makes this topping even more effective. Juicy Apple Jelly, which focuses on crit, and Swift Chocolate, which reduces cooldown, are viable alternatives if Searing Raspberry is unavailable.

Black Raisin Cookie
Black Raisin Cookie

Farming Searing Raspberry

To obtain Searing Raspberry, you must progress to Episode 6 in the Cookie Run Kingdom story mode. Specifically, stage 6-2, called Ancient Ulcer, offers an opportunity to farm this epic topping. Focusing on this stage is recommended for easier and faster clears to acquire Searing Raspberry.

Viability in Different Modes

Black Raisin Cookie’s effectiveness varies depending on the game mode. In World Exploration, she deals a decent amount of damage but has a chance to miss her skill if enemies are out of range or move away.

This can lower her overall damage output. However, as a sub-DPS, Black Raisin Cookie pairs well with other DPS cookies like Latte and Espresso.

For Guild Battle, Black Raisin Cookie shines, as there is no chance for her skill to miss the giant dragon. Her high damage output helps with burst damage and increases the overall score. In Arena, her effectiveness is more niche due to the possibility of missing skills.

Combining her with cookies that group enemies together or prevent pushing can optimize her performance. Popular combinations include Ginger Brave, Almond, and Tiger Lily, creating a one-shot team alongside Vampire Cookie.

Overall Assessment

Considering her strengths and weaknesses, Black Raisin Cookie falls into the A-tier on a tier list. While she is an essential cookie, her skill’s potential to miss prevents her from being a top-tier option.

However, her popularity in the arena can be attributed to her availability in the current raid-up banner, allowing many players to obtain extra copies and promote her to five stars.

In conclusion, the recommended topping is Searing Raspberry when building Black Raisin Cookie due to its significant damage boost. Juicy Apple Jelly for crit and Swift Chocolate for cooldown reduction are other viable options.

Remember to farm Searing Raspberry in Episodes 6-2 of the story mode. Consider her role in different game modes, such as World Exploration, Guild Battle, and Arena, where she can excel with the right team composition.


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